Ice House Rentals

Enjoy fishing the Upper Red Lake in fully outfitted, ready to go ice house rentals

Bear paw offers ice house rentals ranging from a basic 4 hole day house up to a nice 6 man sleeper . Nice wide plowed roads enable you to drive your vehicle right to your rental house door. The houses are always kept clean and every fall we repair/paint and remodel anything that needs to be fixed so your stay is as comfortable as it can possibly be.

We move our houses constantly, you will catch fish or we will move your house until you do that’s a promise! We also have a very well known guide who does nothing but fish upper red lake (crappie scout- Tyler) and will show you some of his techniques and lures to help you ice these world famous upper red lake walleyes. We experience a very strong shallow water bite early season and typically follow the fish as they make there transition out to deeper water. We are always on fish, because we are out on the ice scouting every day

  • Your fish house will be clean, warm, holes drilled, on fresh holes, and ready to fish upon your arrival.215182_502215633134024_2079491615_n
  • We have ample refurbished out-houses that are close by, one that is heated that will be close by that we monitor regularly.
  • We offer packages(cabin and day houses) to accommodate large groups and business organizations.
  • You will be checked on regularly throughout the day, guaranteed.
  • All houses will be spaced far enough away from each other for privacy.


Fish houses are equipped with:

  • All fisherman will have (2) holes to fish with a rattle reel for each.
  • Bunks with mattresses in sleepers.
  • 110 volt receptacles and 12 volt lights/fans
  • Propane lights
  • Cook tops
  • Propane heat
  • Outhouses close by
  • Chairs for each fisherman are provided


What you need to bring:fish house 10x20


  • Your MN fishing license
  • Food and water
  • Fishing gear/Bait (which is available here in Waskish)
  • Cooking utensils
  • Sleeping bag/pillow
  • Generator (if you prefer to use on)
  • Battery to run 12 volt lights


Weekend Fish House Pricing:

  • 2 man 8×8  $120.00/day/day
  • 3 man 8×12 sleeper  $180.00/night10x20 interior
  • 3 man 8×14 sleeper  $180.00/night
  • 4 man 10×17 sleeper  $240.00/night
  • 4-5 man 10×20 sleeper  $240.00/night
  • 5-6 man 10×22 sleeper  $300.00/night


We offer discounted rates from Sun-Thurs in our sleepers.

Special military pricing to say thanks to our troops. Call for pricing


Cabin/fish house specials available!


Crappie Trips

The late season crappie trips start in March after walleyes close.  We will be running clam 6 pack hubs in search of crappies.  We will be charging $150/ person/day – 2 person minimum this will include transportation  to and from your hub if you are unable to drive a pickup on the lake.  The hubs will be heated and pre drilled. This cost also provides you a fish house or cabin on shore that you can sleep in while your not fishing.  While your in the hub fishing on proven crappie locations, you will have 2 guides pounding holes trying to find a better bite if  the hubs aren’t producing.  We are going this route so we can be more mobile. In our opinion this will be the best route to take in order to stay on crappies.  We can go wherever the crappie takes us with zero restrictions. .. call or email to get a spot.  The hubs will fish 5 people, they are huge.

We live on the shores of Upper Red Lake, this is our home and hunting and fishing is all we do! We love it and it shows.

Phone: 218 368 3755